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Top 8 Short Stories By MUNSHI PREMCHAND That are still Relevant

Munshi Premchand :- A pioneer of Hindi and Urdu social fiction, Premchand was one of the first authors to write about caste hierarchies and the plights of women and laborers prevalent in the society of the late 1880s. He is often regarded as one of the foremost Hindi writers of the early 20th century. Here’s a look at the top 8 shorts stories by Munshi Premchand that are still Relevant.

  1. Kafan :- The Story is satire on the degradation of human beings and talks about money to cremate the son’s wife after her premature death during childbirth.
  2. Do Bailon Ki Katha :- It is an emotional tale of two oxen who are committed to staying together. They are sent to a relative’s place by their loving master’s wicked wife. They break free from the shackles but eventually end up in a ware house with so many other animals stuffed in deteriorating conditions to be sold.
  3. Poos Ki Raat :- It is a heart- wrenching account of a farmer named halku, who had no option but to pay off his debut with all the money he had been saving to buy a blanket for winters.
  4. Eidgaah :- The story revolves around the character of a little boy, hamid, whose selflessness reverberates the holy and charming day of Eid. The story Celebrates Kindness and Selfishness as important themes.
  5. Thakur ka kuan :- The story speaks of a society in which the upper castes get away with crimes, while the lower castes struggle to survive. It also focuses on the status of Dalit women, who are discriminated against on three axes- gender, caste and class.
  6. Boodhi Kaaki :- ‘Budhi kaki’ recounts the woes of an aged aunt, neglected by the very family she entrusts her property to, in return for care and attention in the winter of her life.
  7. Namak ka Daroga : – The Core theme of the story is the price of honesty. The story is set during the British era, in those days salt was heavily taxed and people literally started smuggling it to make hefty profits.
  8. Bade Bhai Sahab :- It is a light- hearted story of two brothers, one of whom is 5 years elder than the other. The elder brother often lectures his younger brother, who isn’t fond of studying. Despite that, unfortunately, every year, the younger one passes with flying colours while the elder brother fails.

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