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killing of elderly parents over property in Kanpur – Daughter involved

Police on Tuesday arrested the daughter of an elderly couple hours after their bodies were recovered from their house in Kanpur.

The bodies of Munna Lal Uttam (62) and his wife Raj Devi (55) with their throats slit were found in separate rooms on the ground floor of their house on Tuesday morning. The couple lived with their son Anoop and daughter Komal.The daughter along with her boyfriend hatched the conspiracy to kill her parents, police said.

According to the police, Komal had given juice mixed with intoxicants to her parents and brother on Monday night to proceed with the murder plan.

Prima facie, it appears that Komal had killed her parents because they were opposing her marriage to her boyfriend and to gain the ownership of property worth crores, police said.

During the initial interrogation, Komal had said that she had seen three masked men running away from the house. Komal had also accused her sister-in-law’s brother of killing her parents. Komal had said that her sister-in-law’s brother Surendra, who lived in the area, had demanded a compensation of Rs 50 lakh and threatened to destroy the family if the demand was not met.

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