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when you are 30 or over, you need to pay extra attention as skin health

We all want flawless and nourished skin and to achieve that, we spend hours on skincare routines and sometimes, spend money on treatments. However, when you are 30 or over, you need to pay extra attention as skin health changes rapidly. Signs of ageing start to appear on the skin. At 30, one should follow a skincare routine to keep the skin healthy.

Along with a skincare routine, one should also pay attention to lifestyle and eating habits. For nourished and healthy-looking skin, one should eat a good diet as our lifestyle also affects the skin quality.

Check the ingredients of the skincare and beauty products. To improve the quality of the skin, one should pay more attention to the ingredients present in the products that are being used on the skin.

2. Choose beauty products as per your skin type.

3. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to your daily beauty routine. It should be used even when you are at home and not stepping out as harmful rays of the sun play a role in aging the skin prematurely.

For healthy skin, eat a diet which is full of nutrients. If there will be a lack of nutrition inside the body, then these symptoms will also appear on the skin.5. Include a diet which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins for glowing and healthy-looking skin.

6. Avoid too much sugar in your food as it increases signs of ageing.

7. Include daily exercise in your routine.

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