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Biden gets rhetorically aggressive on gas prices and calls for gas tax holiday

ASHINGTON — President Biden had strong words — a single word, in fact — for Republicans who have accused him of not doing enough to bring down gasoline prices from their historic highs: “Nonsense.”

He used the word twice in his remarks from the White House on Wednesday, which he used to call for a temporary suspension of the gas tax — and to offer a spirited counter-argument to political opponents who have blamed him for the $4.96 average price-per-gallon across the nation.

“My Republican friends claim we’re not producing enough oil and that I am limiting oil production. Quite frankly, that’s nonsense,” Biden said during his speech, noting that the United States is now producing some 12 million oil barrels per day, making the current average for his administration slightly higher than that for his predecessor Donald Trump.

l Also “nonsense,” according to the president, are Republican claims that he has constrained drilling on federal lands. “The industry has more approved permits for production on federal lands than they can possibly use,” the president said. His administration, however, has not yet approved new leases on federal lands. (A forthcoming planned lease sale has been delayed until later this month.)


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