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Political parties like AAP engage in politics of falsehood Anurag Thakur

AAP MP Sanjay Singh that the applicants for the Agniveer scheme have been asked about their caste and this marked a departure from the process followed so far The recruitment of Agniveer is being done precisely in accordance with the Army Rules 1954 and Defence Service Regulation Act, 1987. There has been no change at all,” Thakur said as he accused AAP of deliberately spreading lies and sowing confusion among lakhs who have applied to be Agniveers.

defence ministry and Army asserting that there has been no change in the recruitment rules and saying that a “needless controversy” has been generated, information and broadcasting minister Anurag Thakur said, “Political parties like AAP engage in politics of falsehood for their gains and question the Armed forces for their partisan agenda

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