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Indian Cinema Is Observing A Very Healthy Transition – It’s Not South Or North Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth

Actor Rajinikanth was awarded the Amrit Ratna Samman for his contribution to the nation. Though he was unable to be physically present at the occasion, he sent a video message acknowledging the entire News18 crew for the honor. This honor was bestowed on his daughter, Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth. “I’m here for the first time and overjoyed that my father received the honour. As for everybody, he is a superstar and a super dad for me. My favorite of his films is Annamalai, It’s a story about overcoming obstacles for underprivileged conditions.”

“Being Star kid is a great challenge.” People have this misconception that celebrity kids have it easy and get everything, but I believe that is never the case. It’s difficult since we need to prove ourselves, without making any mistakes. People believe that we are incapable of making mistakes. Newcomers have an easier time making errors and getting away with it. People anticipate us to be perfectionists. So, I suppose it’s difficult to be a star kid if you want to work in the same field. We have our blessings, but I can’t say it’s all uphill from here. We have so much kindness surrounding us, and there are individuals who want us to succeed and be there, and they see us as children in their own homes because they like our parents. So these are benefits that we should bank on and face obstacles in the right attitude as we move forward,” Aishwaryaa remarked.

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