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Find out how your thoughts are connected to happiness.

Happiness is lots of joy, contentment, or well-being. But is that all there is to it?” she asks while discussing the very essence of happiness as a concept.
Sofia Khaledi talks about how one’s perspective of life plays a role in the formation and progression of his/her life.
Sharing her life’s significant losses she talks about the different ways in which people try to cope with life and embrace denial instead of facing reality. “Happiness isn’t about how life treats you, because everyone questions their life at one point and the only way to get over that is to accept it as tough as it has become,” she says.
Our thoughts they are very powerful. What you say to yourself has the power to control you and I hear people all the time saying, ‘Oh shouldn’t have said that to her’, or, ‘Shouldn’t have spoken to him in that way, that was rude.’ But have you heard what you say to yourself?” says Sofia.

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