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Kailash Kher talks about his music journey

Kailash celebrates his birthday on Thursday and we caught up with him and got him chatting about his own work, life and more. Musician-singer Kailash Kher has said that he can never write songs praising the material aspects of a person, for example the lips. Kailash said, “I cannot lie praising lips and cheeks. These deteriorate. I won’t talk about the mortal stuff. I talk of emotions. (sings) Tu dhare jahan pao, tu muskaye ye dharti tujhe jeet jeet haarun ye pran pran varun teri aarti utarun (The earth smiles at each spot that you step. I win when I lose myself and sing your laurels). I do not write the way others do. That, too, is a source of entertainment but not how I want to pursue my music. We had heard of amazing beauty of people like Marilyn Monroe but all of them had to die and go back to ashes. We are attracted towards that which does not die. We look at spirituality in romance as well.”

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