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Why Uttarakhand tourism dept ‘forgets’ Sir Everest’s birth anniversary for 3 years in a queu

MUSSOORIE: Till three years ago, July 4 used to be a big event at Mussoorie’s Everest House, the erstwhile residence of Sir George Everest, after whom the world’s highest peak is named. The tourism minister and secretary would visit the place and host an event to commemorate his birthday. On Monday, as the 232nd birth anniversary of the renowned surveyor went by quietly, local residents wondered why the state government had forgotten the occasion three years in a row. “Sir

George Everest

lived in Mussoorie for over a decade and made great contributions towards the mapping of the country. But it is quite a paradox that his memory is being ignored,” said historian

Gopal Bhardwaj

Notably, the tourism department is renovating the house where Everest lived at an outlay of Rs 23.7 crore. It was among the earliest houses to be built in Mussoorie, where Everest lived from 1832 to 1843. Although the place has been opened for visitors, renovation work is still not complete. Tourist vehicles are also being stopped more than a km before the house and a major complaint of visitors is that they have to walk on a steep hill slope to reach the site.


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