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You need discipline and hard work to achieve your dreams’: Arvind Arora

Every human being has dreams they want to fulfil in life. Be it earning money or becoming famous, everyone wishes to achieve something in their life. Although, as people grow up, some of these dreams are forgotten.

Social media influencer Arvind Arora said there are three major reasons why this happens. “One of the biggest reasons why our dreams break, we let them go or they don’t come true is relationships, breakups. The second reason is we have a dream but our aim is not clear, we don’t know how to achieve it. And the third reason is the loser mentality.”

Talking about relationships, Arora said, “Your dreams don’t sustain when you are in love. This doesn’t come as a problem for women because they are more mature and are clear about what they wish to do with their life but men face this a lot. It is very important to be practical to protest your dreams. Love doesn’t feed you, you have to earn. There will be distractions but we have to get away from them.”

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