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Expert Tips For Caring for Your Newborn In Summer

It is common for a new parent, especially a first-time parent, to have many questions about how to care for a baby, particularly in the sweltering heat of summer, including how to dress, wash, and feed the infant. Dr Shalini Chico, Senior Consultant Neonatology, Fortis Hospital Richmond Road, Bangalore shares some recommendations to help you navigate the difficult summer months.



Your baby needs to be clothed in light and loose breathable clothes. Use only cotton and avoid excessive swaddling in the summer months. Remember, comfort comes before fashion or tradition! To ensure adequate protection from mosquitoes, fully cover your baby in a light full-sleeved shirt and pants or full-length onesie. To prevent bites, use mosquito nets and a repellent patch on the clothing rather than repellents directly on the baby’s skin.


Ambient Temperatures

In the peak of summer, it may not be practical to keep the AC or fans turned off. When using an air conditioner, keep the temperature at 26°C or higher. If using a fan, avoid placing the infant in the direct flow of air. Maintain adequate ventilation at home by keeping windows open; however, keep windows mesh to avoid insects and mosquitoes

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