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Why you must travel to Arunachal before tourism growth makes it another Manali or Mussoorie

First and foremost, a word of appreciation for the labourers, heavy equipment operators, engineers and officers of the Border Roads Organisation undertaking Project Vartak. Despite the frequent landslides and the difficulties of building roads, cutting through the rock and slashing through sub-tropical jungles, they have created paths where by rights there should be none. And the work is only intensifying. A few days after I returned to Delhi, final blasts on the Nepichu tunnel were completed. More tunnels and bypasses are on the way. Sure, the ‘BRO code’ one-liners on the roadside were corny, but one can excuse those.
On the way from Pakke Kesang to Dirang on National Highway 13, the road was blocked by a massive landslide, which you do not expect to be cleared within a couple of hours. But a bulldozer was on its way fairly quickly, and a path was made for our convoy of 25 Mahindra vehicles conducting the Trans Arunachal Drive 2022. And what a drive it was, taking place over three legs that covered the entirety of India’s easternmost state. I only joined the third leg that covered the state’s western region.

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